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Make Bachelor or Bachelorette Geofilters

Your Guide To Making Enticing Bachelor Party Geofilters

You can Make Bachelor Party Geofilters or Bachelorette Party Geofilters easily with There is no doubt Snapchat has taken social media by storm, and within a few years social media overall has become a near indispensable part of our existence. Look around and you’ll see, people in your neighborhood to your work circle, using several social media platforms everyday. Snapchat making on demand geofilters accessible to the masses is a relatively recent development. There is good reason behind this growing addiction of geofilters, and allowing the everyday user to create a custom geofilter for any particular event. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! (It also gives the user a really cool, unique experience within Snapchat.)

Snapchat Geofilters: Why they have become popular

Snapchat offers quite a few unique features and they have made it very popular in recent years, more so among the young and trendy lot. In this social media platform, you can take snap and record videos and share them on the move. The USP is these snaps and videos do not stay for long. The Geofilters are also among the well-liked features of Snapchat. When they were introduced, businesses lapped them up. Ever since the company made customized Geofilters available for users, its popularity among regular users has shot up.

Bachelor party Geofilters:  ways to Make Your Bachelor party Memorable

Geofilters are extremely popular among Snapchat users nowadays. These are like special overlays that can be applied on images. These special designs are typically purchased templates that are region and time specific overlays. They are used a lot by both business and individual users. The good thing is you can create and customize geofilters to celebrate personal events like weddings and even a bachelor party. Well designed Bachelor party geofilters can make your event memorable. It is not difficult to learn the process.

Ways to make Snapchat bachelor party geofilters

Creating an awesome Bachelor party Geofilter for Snapchat is not hard, it can be created in under 2 minutes with our custom Snapchat Geofilter maker. The thing is you will have to utilize creativity. Here are the required steps to make a stunning Bachelor party Geofilter:

You can begin building your custom snapchat geofilter design a few different ways – The absolute easiest way is using starting from scratch or using pre made designed geofilter template.  Alternatively, you can use third party design programs for creating Geofilters. For this, you need to possess some skills with illustration and graphic design. The most preferred tools are Adobe’s Illustrator though some people use Photoshop.

Snapchat does has specific parameters for design, from adding text, altering text attributes and adding emojis, you can make the geofilter design appealing many ways staying within Snapchat’s design parameters.

When saving the Geofillter design, adhering to norms set by Snapchat is important. The maximum cap on file size is 300 kb and file format should be PNG.

Making a custom snapchat filter on makesnapgeofilters is the easiest way to design custom geofilter templates for any event. After you’re happy with your design, you can either use our submission service, or purchase the design and input it yourself to Snapchat. (Let us do it for you!) We’ll walk you through setting the timing and location for the snapchat geofilter. This is actually the factor that makes Geofilters special. The location and timing also has an impact on the final price you have to pay.

Things that should refrain from doing

While you can be creative and make the design for Bachelor party geofilters enticing, it is important to remember the limits. You cannot use anything obscene in text or images as Snapchat is very strict on these stuffs. You cannot use website address, or full names of people in the design. You are not allowed to use street addresses and hash tags in this design or else it will get rejected. While the overlay should be catchy it should not occupy more than 25 % of the overall image.

Tips to ensure your Bachelor party Geofilter hits the bull’s eye

There are no hard and fast rules for creating designs for Bachelor party geofilters. You can be a little funky in your design approach. However, it would be a good idea to refrain from overusing filters and effects in design tools. The design should not look like an unnecessary package atop the image and it should enhance the appeal of the image. Using text in both horizontal and vertical way is fine but you should ensure the text is not too big. It should be easy to read as well.

It is also necessary that you think of place while setting the design. Before submission, you need to define periphery for the Geofilter to run on a specific date or period of time. It would be prudent to set the time a little before the party begins, to be prudent. The location should be set over the venue where you want to celebrate the event- whether it is a rented place or your house. However, you should set the periphery carefully. The cost will be affected by this and you have to strike a balance between the output and your budget.

Where it all leads to?

Snapchat Geofilters are no longer limited to businesses for endorsing their products or highlighting various company events. You can surely use on demand Geofilters for making Bachelor party memories and ensure your special day becomes truly enjoyable. You get plenty of design choices and there are limitless options to come up with a stunning bachelor party Geofilter. In any case, you will need to keep in mind what the norms of Snapchat are for designing. This will ensure your design is not turned down. To get more resources see